Helgi Vignir Bragason (b. 1972) graduated from The School of Photography in Reykjavík in 2023 and is currently living and working in Reykjavik. He also holds a BSc. degree in Constructing Architecture and an MSc. in Construction Management. 
Artist statement:
My art practice deals with questions about man-made environments and issues of utilization, exploitation and pollution. I photograph different aspects of man-made structures, although always in the absence of human physical presence. My work raises awareness around issues in the building industry– the field which is my background. From an early age, I worked on ground excavation projects, then later as a builder, and ultimately as a Constructing Architect. From experience, I know all the phases in a building´s life cycle, from design to demolition, its environmental impacts as well as waste problems. As a reflection of time, I focus on buildings multi-layered and intricate lifespan. 
My method involves gathering archival architectural drawings of demolished buildings, collecting debris from building sites as well as photographing various objects and phases of the buildings life cycle.

Helgi Vignir Bragason
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