Helgi Vignir Bragason (b. 1972) is an Icelandic photographer, living and working in Reykjavik. He holds a BSc. degree in Constructing Architecture and an MSc. in Construction Management. 
Artist statement:
"I photograph different aspects of man-made objects and structures, mostly related to construction, in the absence of human physical presence. Having spent a large part of my life in the construction industry, I know all its phases. From design to demolition, its environmental impacts and waste problems, its whole life cycle. I mostly focus on the initial stage of buildings, when they are forming, as well as their final moments. I like to revisit various building sites after hours during the “in between moments” when everything is quiet, to analyze and contemplate. I pose questions about utilization, exploitation, and pollution. I like to explore this further from a conceptual and visual point of view: to research, analyze, document, take out of context, and put in a new context. Everything related to this subject matter is the essence of my photography."
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